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From: Matt May <mcmay@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:46:49 -0700
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In attendance:
JG: Jon Gunderson, Univ. of Illinois, chair
HB: Harvey Bingham
TL: Tim Lacy, Microsoft
MM: Matt May, W3C/WAI

Ian Jacobs

JG: In last call until 9/18.
JG: Will probably go to proposed rec for 4 weeks. Another chance for Members
to comment.
HB: Can one company reject it?
JG: It's a consensus-based process. It would be hard to derail the rec.
Agenda: What does the WG do now?
JG: Other groups tend to have gone on cruise control. I think we have some
more work to do on implementation and test suites.
JG: We may be rechartering, looking for new WG members interested in that.
JG: MM, IJ, Colin Koteles and I got together on 2 Aug to work out DTDs and
style for impl and test suites.
JG: We've been trying to funnel that work into the current format.
JG: We only have data at the ckpt and provision level. We're adding
test-level info.
JG: Matt, have you done the tests on Moz?
MM: Yes, all but the frame tests, which aren't added yet.
HB: Has Moz development team been working with us recently?
JG: No. Though we have a team from Sun Beijing interested in working on test
JG: Tim, you should look at the new tests for feedback.
JG: We have a test that looks at checkpoint level, and can add one at
provision level, that assesses the broad compliance of each.
JG: Matt, how is your work divided?
MM: Roughly evenly between UA, AU and EO.
JG: I also don't know what Ian's timing is. We'd really like to see his work
JG: I'll be sending the document to several groups to review it. Tim, will
MS be reviewing?
TL: I'll send it around, but I don't know who would review it.
JG: We'd appreciate comments from the AC rep before it goes to PR.
HB: Comments from Jonny Axelsson?
JG: We'll be in contact with him.
JG: We'll be in contact with Judy Brewer regarding re-chartering. Comments

Next meeting: 5 September (skipping 29 August meeting)
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