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Checkpoint 6.4, revised (Programmatic access to rendered content

From: Ian B. Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 13:12:53 -0400
Message-ID: <3D52A695.4010604@w3.org>
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For today's teleconference, I'd like to refer
to this proposed revision to checkpoint 6.4.
This revision takes into account various comments
people have made.

  - Ian

Checkpoint 6.4 Programmatic access to information about
                rendered content. (P1)

Provision 1: Make available bounding dimensions and
coordinates of rendered graphical objects.

   Question: Are these coordinates with respect to the viewport
             or the screen boundaries? Rich has suggested that
             coordinates with respect to screen boundaries are
             necessary. But are these available, e.g., in javascript?
             If not, can one calculate "absolute" coordinates given
             relative coordinates and viewport location (available
             from the operating system)?

Provision 2: Provide access to the following information about
each piece of rendered text:

   a. font-family
   b. font-size
   c. foreground and background color

Provision 3: As part of satisfying the provisions of this
checkpoint, implement at least one API according to the API
cascade described in provision two of checkpoint 6.3.

Note(1): User agents should also provide information about the
correspondence (in both directions) between graphical objects and
their source in the document object.

Note(2): The user agent should also provide access to information
about each graphical object, such as its role, a text description
and other useful information in describing the state and content
of the object.

For the Techniques Document:

  The first provision of this checkpoint
  refers to what is actually rendered on the screen. In
  CSS, this means "actual values" rather than "computed
  values". Note, however, that in the DOM Level 2 Style Sheet
  specification, the CSS module does not provide access to actual
  values, only read-only access to computed values.

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