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Comments on checkpoints with low implementation experience

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 14:36:13 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Priority 1 Checkpoints (Total 5)

No complete implementation experience
4.6 Position captions
Comment: Drop for this version of the document and add it as a note to 
rendering conditional content, multimedia is rapidly changing and no 
developer willing to work with us on this one.

One complete implementation
1.2 Activate event handlers
Comment: keep since it important for accessibility

3.5 Toggle content refresh
Comment: keep since it is important for accessibility and should be easy to 

4.4 Slow multimedia
Comment: Drop and add as a note to another requirement on controlling 
multi-media.  Consider for a future draft of the document.

10.1 Table orientation
Comment: Maybe this requirement is redundant with rendering markup 
according to standards.  If so let's drop it.

Priority 2 Checkpoints (12 checkpoints)

No complete implementation experience
3.6 Toggle redirects
Comment: Keep, since it should be easy to do

4.8 Control other multimedia
Comment: drop

5.5 Confirm form submission
Comment: keep, since it seems like a something that is easy to do, isnce it 
is already done for security reasons

5.6 Confirm fee links
Comment: already decided to drop

10.5 Outline view
Comment: keep, look for more implementation experience

One complete implementation
4.7 Slow other multimedia
Comment: drop

4.11 Control other volume
Comment: drop

5.3 Manual viewport open only
Comment: keep, important feature

6.8 DOM CSS access
Comment: Keep, I think we need to check for implementation in IE 6 and NS 
6, lets check on this

9.5 No events on focus change
Comment: Keep, part of our event trilogy of checkpoints

9.6 Show event handlers
Comment: Keep, part of our event trilogy of checkpoints

11.2 Current author bindings.
Comment: Keep, important for users to know the bindings of access keys

Priority 3 Checkpoints (4 checkpoints)

No complete implementation experience
2.10 Toggle placeholders
Comment: drop

2.11 Alert unsupported language
Comment: Keep

One complete implementation
5.7 Manual viewport close only.
Comment: Drop and as a note to manual view port open

9.10 Configure important elements.
Comment: Drop and add as a note to Priority 2 navigation requirement


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