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BioExchange.com Launches!

From: BioExchange.com <info@26224.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 00 17:21:56 EST
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Message-Id: <200007271729828.SM01160@corp.bioexchange.com>
Welcome to BioExchange.com!


BioExchange.com is a new Portal in the underserved and highly fragmented 
Biotechnology and Life Sciences markets, providing a destination point in the form of a 
feature-rich network community replete with advanced features in e-commerce and 
wireless technologies.  The site also includes the industry's best Career center for finding 
and sourcing human resources in the life sciences.

The web site provides biotechnology and life sciences specific news and information, 
resources and tools about the Industry.  Users can utilize a variety of free services that are 
also integrated with today's latest in wireless and SMS (short messaging system) 
technology, provided by MobileAirwaves.com, a leader in wireless technology 
integration.  Additionally, BioExchange.com also supports seeing-impaired and 
handicapped accessibility services by providing voice-synthesis support and a web design 
that is compatible with third-party systems.

The e-commerce offerings on BioExchange.com include an advanced Liquidation and 
Procurement Marketplace, which are feature-rich auctions and RFP / RFQ systems, 
respectively.  Vendors in the industry can take advantage of the Hosted Storefront 
technology, which allows product companies in the Life Sciences to set up an e-
commerce storefront in less than one hour.  The BioExchange.com IP Marketplace is an 
exchange of Intellectual Property, providing a forum for researchers and corporations to 
sponsor, fund, and acquire key technology assets in the life sciences.

The Career section of the site is a powerful employment engine specifically designed for 
the biotechnology and life sciences community, helping job candidates to design their 
curriculum vitae and showcase their special skills and achievements in the Industry.  The 
Employer's functionality is a multi-user Human Resources management system, which 
allows HR managers and their employees a fine level of control and detail in managing 
job listings and candidates.

BioExchange.com also provides powerful community features including free e-mail, 
personal calendars, address books, file sharing, chat, and discussion boards.  An Instant 
Messenger is also included, which is compatible with Microsoft's MSN Messenger 
Service, Yahoo! Messenger, and the ICQ Instant Messenger, providing an integrated 
solution that combines the net's best IM resources in one simple and easy-to-use solution.

Users of the community have the added ability of creating private or public groups on 
BioExchange.com, where clubs, organizations, and other communities can set up an 
online groupware application with shared contacts, shared calendar, a group message 
board, group chat room, and file sharing within the group's members.
During this time, we are trying to sign up as many organizations for our community.  We 
have a very feature-intensive Community section that is of particular interest to your 
organization and community.  It functions similarly to Yahoo's Clubs, if you are familiar 
with their web site -- we can create a special, private group for your club or group that 
would allow you to have all of our Group features with administrative functions.  You 
can set up a shared contact manager in the address book, a shared calendar, and a private 
message boards and chat rooms, all of which are private for your organization.   In 
addition, each member is given a free e-mail and Instant Messenger account as well.  The 
Instant Messenger is way-cool -- it works with ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo's Instant 
Messenger services as well as with itself, providing an integrated, cross-network solution 
and private messaging system for yourself and your organization.  The only restriction is 
that you must be a member of our site and our Community at large.


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