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RE: Seeking speech synthesizer min/max capabilities.

From: David Poehlman <David.Poehlman@usmint.treas.gov>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 09:45:43 -0400
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flextalk has a property sheet to which I do not currently have access but as
I recall, it had personalities that embocied some of the characteristics
other than pitch, rate, volume and person.  some of this can be called
personality.  the interface that is used graphically is a head which can be
sized differently and shaped.  the values I saw were things like 50 percent,
20 -ercent etc.  this controlled inflection and tonal quality.  much like
some of the different voices for dectalk or eloquence.  perhaps if rich can
dig up the ibm vivoice specs, it would help.  I'll try running down the
flextalk info from at&t.
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