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Re: Preliminary evaluation of checkpoints for IE windows version

From: by way of <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:36:22 -0400
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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:35:41 -0400
From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
To: "Gregory J. Rosmaita" <unagi69@concentric.net>
Subject: Re: Preliminary evaluation of checkpoints for IE windows   version
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My comments in *dp* and this begins the thorny issue of sorting things
out.  Before I get to the comments though I must say that I am running
windows.98 on a del optiplex gx1 with a 450 mhz p II with 64mb ram and
an ati rage pro 3d atir3 video card and jfw 3.3.26

"Gregory J. Rosmaita" wrote:
> i have an addition to your review of IE5 and the UAGL, based upon my recent
> experiences upgrading from IE 4.01SP2 to IE5.  I hope that the following
> addresses Checkpoint 1.3, which reads:
> Ensure that the user can install the user agent software in a device
> independent manner. [Priority 1]
> Please note that, although I am not responsible for evaluating JFW and MSIE,
> am forwarding this info to the WG as it was necessary for me to upgrade my
> version of MSIE in order to test HAL95 and Window-Eyes against the AUGL, and,
> since I am most comfortable and adept using JFW, I decided to use it to
> IE5, so as to prevent any sort of installation SNAFU.  Moreover, it is my
> impression that Dave Poehlman already has IE5 installed on his machine, so I
> decided to document the installation process, in order that this checkpoint
> reviewed.
*dp* this is quite correct have been using it since early beta and
also have experienced it on a windows.95 machine.
> gregory.
> 1. Assistive Technology: JFW (build 3.30.26/desktop keyboard layout)
> 2. Speech Synthesizer: Eloquence for JAWS (running on a NeoMagic MagicWave
> Sound System (driver: NMA255.VXD version 4.03.2420
> 3. OS: Windows95 (version
> 4. Computer: Gateway Solo 2500 (laptop; using Micron Windows95 keyboard) with
> 96MB RAM and a Pentium II processor running at 366MHz
> 5. Source of Installation files: Office2000 Update CD-ROM (disk 1)
> 1. Application (dialog) boxes did not fully voice, although checkboxes and
> areas did self-voice when TABed-to; Needed to use screen review (JAWS cursor)
> to hear complete content of application (dialog) boxes. the "Read Box in TAB
> order" screen review command (INSERT+B) spoke only the window title, the
> topmost text, and the row of buttons (Back, Next, Cancel, Help), and NOT the
> box's complete contents.  In order to listen to explanatory text, it was
> necessary to use the JAWS (screen review) cursor to move around within
> application (dialog) boxes.
*dp* I found this to be true when using the setup interface from the
web for windows.95 but not for .98 with either the msie single cd or
the web interface.  Yes with the office 2,000 cd.
> 2. Chose "Install Minimal, or customize your browser" option.
> 2A. When scrolling through the options contained in the type of installation
> list (a field which was not titled), the "Description" of the installation
> type, which is supposed to change as the selected option changes, did not
> self-voice.
*dp* same as above though I did not select custom on any but the 2,000
These problems are not ie specific but it is good that they are noted
> 2B. Media specific/visual only cues utilized: "Components appearing in bold
> text do not need updating".  Ramifications: Without having explored every
> portion of this dialog box with the JAWS (screen review) cursor, I would not
> have been aware that (a) items that did not need updating were in bold face,
> and (b) that in order to discern which items did not need to be updated, I
> would need to use JAWS' "say font" hotkey (INSERT+F), which (at least on my
> system) does not always accurately report the font weight when used within a
> list box; bottom line: no independent indication that a component did not
> updating
*dp* agreed, but in my case the items not needing to be updated did
not appear in the list.
> 3.The installation progress window (title: "Windows Update: Internet Explorer
> and Internet Tools") did not completely self-voice, and did not provide any
> useful information.  Only the top 2 (unchanging) lines of text in the window
> were auto-announced. They were also repeated 9 times before JFW announced
> "Cancel Button". Thus, in order to monitor the installation progress, I
> to use the JAWS (screen review) cursor, and -- due to the time-sensitive
> of the information displayed, I am not sure that I heard all of the
> that was painted .to the screen.
*dp* this is I guess you could say the nature of the beast and
different for different machines, synths and configurations.  This is
more of an interface issue than an app specific issue although the
whole thing could be dealt with by making it self voicing.
> 4. Restart computer dialog box voiced very well, but despite shutting down
> open applications and issuing the shut-down sound, the computer did not
> reboot.  Eventually, any attempt at keyboard input yielded only a system
> bell, so I was forced to shut down manually and reboot. On reboot, ScanDisk
> ran, but did not find any problems or errors.
> 5A. JFW (which I have set to "Run JAWS First") loaded without incident.
> 5B. Windows Update and Personalized Settings windows did not voice
> Window title and introductory text spoken, but enumeration of items only
> available by using JAWS (screen review) cursor.

*dp* The impression is given here that this is precarious at best but
although bothersom, it is doable.  jon May have different experiences
to share on this still.
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