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Re: WAI IG CALL FOR REVIEW: User Agent Guidelines draft

From: Rafael Romero <Rafael.Romero@uv.es>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:27:43 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Hello. Sorry for the late reply (on last day). I did not belong to
User-Agent working group, but I follow the invitation sent by Judy to
WAI-IG for reviewing the document.

These are my humble comments:

>1. Is the document understandable and clear?

I think so, although it is quite dense. It is not addressed to the general
public but to user agent manufacturers who should be familiar with all
terms and the concise style.

>2. Does the format/structure of the document work well?

Mostly yes.

I was going to suggest to indent <class="tocline3"> more than
<class="tocline2">, because in my Explorer 4 the table of contents is
difficult to read as it comes out in undifferenced elements, vertically
aligned to the left, but, Oops, I realised it renders nicely in Opera 2.12.
So I suppose is is finely defined.

I missed a note about the red <SPAN CLASS="editor"> comments. I suppose
they are to disappear in the final version.

Maybe points 3. 4. 5. 6. (the user-agent must...) of Guidelines should be
considered as sub-headings of a more general point <3. Detailed guidelines>

>3. Are the priorities appropriate as indicated?

Can't comment.

>4. Do people have recommended additions for the techniques document?

Just a brief punctualisation.

5.4 and 5.5: Why specifically KEYBOARD navigation? I agree of course on the
capital importance of this, but in the spirit of <3.6 device-independent
manner...> maybe you should reword and say just "navigation", and later
stressed that it is "including keyboard navigation". Consider the case of a
hands-free voice-controlled browser.

>5. Is anything missing from the guidelines?

Can't comment.

>6. Does the document comprehensively address cross-disability issues in
>user agent accessibility, e.g., accessibility issues for cognitive
>disabilities, hearing disabilities, physical disabilities, and visual

Can't comment.

Of course, congratulations on the overall work.

Best regards,		
			Rafael Romero.
Unidad de Investigación ACCESO
Universitat de Valencia (Spain)
C/ Artes Gráficas 13, 46010 Valencia
Tel: +34-963 864 135 Fax: +34-963 864 758
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