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WAI Accessibility UA Guidelines: Browser UI

From: <Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 16:40:01 +0200
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Comments on WAI Accessibility UA Guidelines:

 1) What is the difference between Defaults (1.A.1 to 1.A.5) and the important
   rule (1.A.7)?
    For me it seems redundant.

 2) The Guideline speaks about a keyboard command in section A (1.A.6) and
    option menu in section B.
    Why different places? All menu entries should have a shortcut. =

 3) 1.A.7 is identical to 1.A.11

 4) 1.F: Do you agree to have different views at the same time: "outline
    view", "with page formatting" and "without page formatting" ?
    Have you seen the current version of Amaya?

 5) Amaya team doesn't plan to support aural CSS, Video and Movies.

 6) 2.A: What is the focus for you? In an editor, it's not a good idea to
    follow the change of page view. For example, when you're creating a link,
    you can need to scroll the document just to select the target anchor.
    In this case, the insert point (the focus) mustn't change.

 7) 2.A.2 is identical to 2.A.3

Amaya plans for the next release :

a) Amaya has a default file that defines default values:
"BackgroundColor", "ForegroundColor", "FontFamily", "NO_BG_IMAGES".
Our plan is to add "FontSize".

b) Amaya allows user to open different views "Formatted view", "ToC view",
"Alternate view", "Link view" and "Structure view".
Default position and size of each view can be controlled by a
configuration file. Today only the "Formatted view" in maintained when
the document changes (the user follows a link).
Our plan is to maintain open views, so the user can only work on the
"Alternate view" which is a view without CSS and images.

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