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RE: Config Server

From: Thomas Mueller <tomtom.mueller@gmx.de>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 13:37:39 +0700
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Hi John,

this is what I found on the net about configuring of the WAI-Server.

WAI is a bit more complicated than CGI but far simpler than NSAPI. Here I'll give you an idea of what WAI programming in Java is like. Note that you should have installed the WAI patch on your Enterprise Server 3.0 before starting up any WAI applications. 
Configuring the Web Server
To run a WAI application -- also called a web application service (WAS) -- you need to configure the web server to initiate WAI and then start the WAI process. To initiate WAI on a server, do the following: 
  1.. Start up the administration server. 
  2.. Click "program" in the upper left part of the screen. In the left frame, you'll see a list under "Programs." 
  3.. Click "WAI Management." You'll see a yes/no choice in the right frame. 
  4.. Click "yes." 
  5.. Click the "Save and Apply" button. 
Your server will now be able to communicate with WAI applications. To verify this, type the URL http://hostname/NameService in your browser; you should see a long string starting with "IOR:". 

Overview of WAI Classes
Before looking at our WAI programming example, let's review the four classes and interfaces in WAI: 
  a.. WAIWebApplicationService. You need to have your main application logic in the Run() method of this class. 
  b.. HttpServerRequest. This interface handles all the interaction between the browser and the web server. 
  c.. HttpServerContext. This interface provides information about the web server itself, such as its name and port number. 
  d.. FormHandler. This class helps you parse the query string containing the user form input, avoiding some headaches that exist in CGI. 

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