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Very Important

From: Grace Omotayo <omotayograce2002@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 08:57:41 +0100
To: w3c-wai-rc@w3.org
Message-Id: <20021201075644.307F914078@w3c2.w3.org>

Dear Sir/ma. 
Peace be unto you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ how are you and family? I hope my writing you will not come as surprise or as an embarrassment to you? I got you contact when I visited penpal website. I then decided to contact you and plead for help. I will begin by introducing myself.
I am GRACE OMOTAYO I am 16 year old, my father died during the Christian and Muslim crisis in Nigeria late last year on his way to the office.
Since the death of my father, myself and my fatherless sister and brother have engage ourselves in begging from street to streets to help our mother in order to meet up with life.
Suddenly my younger Brother whom is the youngest and our only brother and my mother where about to light up our hurricane lamp when the lamp exploded and during this incident they both got burnt up to the 2nd layer of their skin and in the process my brother died and all our little belonging got burnt.
Now because we had know assistance from anybody my mother is presently lying on a bed in the house of a Good Samaritan who is trying to see if he can help us in the place where he lives.
My mother who have been the brain and our mentor since the incident of the death of our father and brother is know more cause she canít walk and hardly speak, she is suppose to be in the hospital in order to receive treatment but know help from anybody.
I and my remaining two fatherless and hopeless sisters now continue to beg in the street with the picture of our mother in other to raise money for her treatment, food, and so also we can go back to school and also get a comfortable accommodation.
Please I am down on my kneels I will be very grateful if you can assist us with any little amount of money so that we can feed ourselves, take care of my mother and sisters, get an accommodation and also go back to school.
Anything you send to us will be highly appreciated nothing is too small, the lord Jesus Christ will reward you adamantly, please donít allow us to die here for the sake of our mother so that she would not die too.
I pray God almighty will always give you the strength and power to continue your good work. May the grace of our lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit be with you and your family.
You can also reach us through the home of the evangelist where my mother is lying critically
Call through the Evangelist in order to reach us 234-802-3332134 
Heís name is Evang. Igbinosa Nosa. 
I await your urgent reply God bless you.
Grace Omotayo.
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