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From: ABDUL NA-ALAH <na_alah05@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 01:55:32 +0100
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Dear Sir


I am the New Auditor General to Audit Government Account for this 2002 year budget.During my auditing,I discovered that there was an over invoiced amount of US$45Million in United States Dollars Equivalent. The above amount is floating after my auditing,since it was an over - invoiced amount.This means that the money is from a contract executed by a Foreigner and the real contract sum was paid with the balance as outstanding.

Based on this development,I cannot claim this money except with the help of a Foreign Partner, this is my main reason for contacting you .
I got your contact from your Country's profile abroad and I reserved your contact for this kind of transaction with trust.What we have to do for the transaction to take place is for you to send a reply mail telling me that you are interested in this transaction based on the fact that you have the capability and that the issue of trust is no problem.

Secondly,the margin of safety is very high because all we are going to do is to provide company's details as a sub-contractor under the major contractor who executed part of the contract.Your physical presence may not be required;hence you can see that you are too safe. All arrangements towards getting the required documents have already been made, in anticipation of your reply.This means that with the level of preparation that we have made.

It will take a maximum of fourteen working days, for the funds to be tranfered into the account that you have provided. Immediately these funds are transferred to your bank account,I will then travel to meet you in your country for our own share,on behalf of my group.An account should have been opened by myself on arrival for the transfer of our share but as a Civil Servant I am not allowed to operate foreign bank account while in services; hence the need for an overseas partner.

My proposal with regards to commissions,after the transfer into your bank account will be shared as follows

 1  30% of the entire sum to you for acting as the owner of the money and for providing an account

 2 10% will be set aside for any expenses that may be incurred in the course of the transaction by any of the partners

 3 60% to me as the owner and originator of the transaction. I would wish to know in your reply whether this is okay by you

Furthermore,company name,telephone and fax numbers,together with any bank details that you may provide,for wire transfer process. As soon as I receive the above details I shall file for the application of the above sum,using the details that you forwarded through an accredited attorney at the appropriate Ministries concerned in favour of your company.It is pertinent to state here that this transaction is entirely based on trust and I will always put my trust in you.

Acknowledge the receipt of this mail using my e-mail only please don't reply through any other means for security reasons

Yours faithfully 
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