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Create a paycheck with your computer

From: <mccoy@execs.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:30:27 +0800
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You get emails every day, offering to show you how to make money.
Most of these emails are from people who are NOT making any money.
And they expect you to listen to them?


If you want to make money with your computer, then you should hook up with a 
group that is actually DOING it. We are making a large, continuing income every 
month. What's more - we will show YOU how to do the same thing.

This business is done completely by internet and email, and you can even join 
for free to check it out first. If you can send an email, you can do this. No 
special "skills" are required.

How much are we making? Below are a few examples. These are real people, and 
most of them work at this business part-time.

But keep in mind, they do WORK at it - I am not going to insult your intelligence 
by saying you can sign up, do no work, and rake in the cash. That kind of job 
does not exist. But if you are willing to put in 10-12 hours per week, this might 
just the thing you are looking for.

 N. Gallagher: $3000 per month
 T. Hopkins: $1000 per month
 S. Johnson: $6000 -$7000 per month
 V. Patalano: $2000 per month
 M. South: $5000 per month
 J. Henslin: $7000 per month

This is not income that is determined by luck, or work that is done FOR you - 
it is all based on your effort. But, as I said, there are no special skills required. 
And this income is RESIDUAL - meaning that it continues each month (and it tends 
to increase each month also).

Interested? I invite you to find out more. You can get in as a free member, at 
no cost, and no obligation to continue if you decide it is not for you. We are 
just looking for people who still
have that "burning desire" to find an opportunity that will reward them incredibly 
well, if they work at it.

To grab a FREE ID#, simply reply to: netbznz@hotmail.com and write this (exact) 
phrase: "Grab me a free membership!" Be sure to include your:

 1. First name
 2. Last name
 3. Email address (if different from above)
 4. Copy this paragraph: 
           "By submitting a request for a FREE DHS Club membership I agree to
               receive emails from DHS Club." 

We will confirm your position and send you a special report as soon as possible, 
and also Your free Member Number.

That's all there's to it.

We'll then send you info, and you can make up your own mind.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mark Anthony Talingting

P.S. After having several negative experiences with network
marketing companies I had pretty much given up on them.
This is different - there is value, integrity, and a
REAL opportunity to have your own home-based business...
and finally make real money on the internet.

Don't pass this up..you can sign up and test-drive the
program for FREE. All you need to do is get your free

Unsubscribing: Send a blank email to:mtals@yoccm.zzn.com with
"Remove" in the subject line.
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