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Question for april meeting

From: jaap van lelieveld <Jaap.van.Lelieveld@inter.NL.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:39:49 +0100
To: w3c-wai-rc@w3.org
Message-ID: <FAYD18h/nz9c092yn@inter.nl.net>
Dear members of RC meeting Australia.

I will not be able to join the RC meeting in Australia.
Still I do have a suggestion.

This concerns the measures of accessibility:
While trying to answer the question "what information is 
accessible and for what target groups" it could be of interest to look at:
1. A theoretical accessibility rating and
2. A practical accessibility rating.

The theoritical accessibility rating:
- can be measured e.g. by Bobby,
- can be matched with the W3C guidelines.

The practical accessibility is the human experience while accessing
information. This is influenced by the user's browsing facilities:
- Which browser facilitiews are required to allow access
  to this information (graphics, frames, tables, scripting etc),
- Is the information presented in a (sufficiently) accessible way,
- Size of information pages,
- Adequate usage and presentation of ALT texts, (long) descriptions etc,
- Adequate description of links: Internal document link,
  link to another document, link to a document on another site.

For each site ratings are required per target group.
This implies of course the target groups and the requirements
for each target group are defined properly.
This is a very difficult process. There should not be to many target
groups, but on the other hand every individual must be able to find
himself/herself back in one of these groups.

As soon as the target groups have been decided upon this must be used as
feedback to all guideline producing groups to check if the guidelines
sufficiently cover the needs of each recognized groups.

I do hope you can use these thoughs during your meeting,

Best regards,

Message from: Jaap van Lelieveld      The Netherlands
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