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Comparison of Research Methods [was Research on Accessibility

From: Kasday, Leonard R (Len), ALTEC <kasday@att.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 10:56:26 -0400
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This is a thread spit off from a discussion following Andrea Elliot's
question about research methods for evaluating accessibility of web
pages. She was proposing a doing the survey via a form on the web. There
was brief discussion of several types of access, starting with Al's
that web forms may not be accessible to the very people whose opinions
we need.  He suggested  phone surveys and doing lab testing. 

So here's the list so far of ways to get grass root opinions on
accessibility with some extra added

1. web form.
2. phone survey.
3. email survey
4. lab testing
5. participation in a listserv, e.g. webwatch-l

What do folks think of these?  What experiences have you had as the
person collecting the data or the person giving the feedback?

A discussion also came up about objectionable ways people may sometimes
get treated in lab studies.  I'm putting that on a separate thread.

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