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Re: Negative numbers

From: Russ Weakley <russ@maxdesign.com.au>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 10:20:58 +1000
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Hi Jospeh,

If negative numbers are a concern just for you, then you can change  
your verbosity settings and set punctuation to "all"


Keep in mind, this will then read out a lot more information such as  
colons, full-stops etc, and you may find this becomes painful.

If this is for an application for other users and you are worried  
about the following:

- there are a fair amount of VoiceOver users who may be using the app
- you are concerned that not all VoiceOver users will have their  
verbosity punctuation set to "all"
- there are negative numbers that are important for these users to understand

In circumstances like this, you may wish to use a work around (or  
hack). A simple solution is to use an aria-label:

<span aria-label="minus 91">-91</span>

You can see this in action here:


Quoting Joseph Yang <joesaiyang@gmail.com>:

> I'm having an issue with Voiceover not reading negative numbers. Apparently
> it is not reading the minus sign. Has anyone been able to find a work
> around for this? I've read that using parentheses was an option, but
> because I work in banking, I'm not sure if that will be a viable option for
> the stakeholders.


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