24.10.2014, 10:59, "Howard Leicester" <howard_leicester@btconnect.com>:

AccessKeys have conflicts with many Assistive Technologies.

This is probably a true statement, but far too general to be helpful :S

So, I think I’ve seen some WAI comment in the past and some UK sites are following this approach, that: AccessKeys are best avoided because of AT conflicts.

The area of general keyboard access remains problematic (under the above).

Yeah. In the case where people provide keyboard access through javascript (which is sadly very common), there are conflicts with even more things.
As a simple example, twitter.com conflicts with at least two of my everyday mainstream browsers, which it wouldn't do if it had used accesskey

But AT conflicts seems an uncharted and addressed topic in general.

Actually there has been a lot of charting and attempting to address the problem.
The situation today is probably under-documented, since the current approach of the industry has been to avoid accesskey and use javascript instead, which means there is far less effort put into documentation and implementation than there was in the previous decade.
For various reasons using javascrip instead is generally *even*worse* than using accesskey, and often *much*worse* :(
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