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Re: alt tags for graphs

From: Carter, James Edward Dawkins - carte3je <carte3je@jmu.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 19:21:35 +0000
To: Rabab Gomaa <Rabab.Gomaa@inspection.gc.ca>
CC: "Group, WAI Interest" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>, "Mattingly, F Darrell" <darrell.mattingly@uky.edu>, "Guettler, Karen M" <kmguet2@uky.edu>
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Wouldn't that be too long for alt-text?

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On Mar 28, 2013, at 3:10 PM, Rabab Gomaa wrote:

Hi Darrell,

I would describe it with a short alt an explanatory sentence below the image. e.g. x-axis is a horizontal line, y-axis is perpendicular on the x-axis. Drawing a line from x-axis with a 45 degree angle clockwise will intersect with x-axis and y-axis in two points x-intercept and y-intercept.

>>> "Mattingly, F Darrell" <darrell.mattingly@uky.edu<mailto:darrell.mattingly@uky.edu>> 3/28/2013 2:43 pm >>>
Hi all,
Iím working on a project to teach mathematical concepts.  What is the best manner to describe graphs, such as the one below
<Mail Attachment.jpeg><https://wiki.ncscpartners.org/mediawiki/index.php/File:Intercepts_Axis_Graph.JPG>

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