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The AccDC Technical Style Guide is released for developers and engineering students.

From: Bryan Garaventa <bryan.garaventa@whatsock.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 19:05:01 -0700
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Please don't bite my head off if you see this more than once, I plan to pass this around in case it's helpful to people.

The AccDC Technical Style Guide is designed to provide reliable and consistent interaction designs that are accessible to the highest percentage of people possible, and to establish a baseline for Functional Accessibility that can be utilized, built upon, studied, and tested against. 

Functional Accessibility means that each component is fully accessible from the keyboard, with or without a screen reader running. 

The live TSG can be viewed at
And the full TSG can be downloaded from GitHub, at

The full AccDC Technical Style Guide includes the interactive Coding Arena, where developers and engineering students can gladiatorially hack it out with the cut and thrust of accessible development!

In brief, the Coding Arena includes all of the following top level categories, which branch off into specific implementation types:

ARIA and Non-ARIA Tabs
ARIA Date Pickers
ARIA Listboxes
ARIA Menus
ARIA Radio Buttons
ARIA Sliders
ARIA Toggles, Checkboxes, Links, and Buttons
ARIA Trees
Carousels, Slideshows, and Wizards
Drag and Drop
Inline Form Field Validation and Dynamic Help Tooltips
Progress Bars
Scrollable Divs
Web Chat and Dynamic Message Announcement

A more detailed breakdown of these categories is documented on the GitHub page, at

The AccDC Technical Style Guide also includes important information, including ARIA pitfalls to be aware of, event triggering model differences between screen readers, widget type variations and conceptual differences, current screen reader incompatibilities, and key structural markup instructions.

Best wishes,
Bryan Garaventa
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