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Re: Accessibility st AFB.org's AccessWorld

From: Chaals McCathieNevile <w3b@chaals.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 12:25:13 +0200
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On Fri, 10 Aug 2012 12:01:42 +0200, GF Mueden@ <gfmueden@verizon.net>  

> Hi all.
> The August issue of AccessWorld, reading the editorial, my old eyes were  
> the width of the lines away from the screen.  I pulled in the margins to  
> get a shorter line, but it truncated the lines.  It should have had word  
> wrap for the benefit of those with limited visual field.

How did you pull in themargins? Which browser were you using?

I zoomed the text in Opera Next (I'm a poet, but it is hard to realise)  
and the words got wrapped to maintain the layout - up to a certain amount  
of zoom which I guess was more than 200%.

>   Is this problem covered in the guidelines?  Where should AFB be  
> looking?

There are a couple of relevante requirements:

1.4.4 Resize text: Except for captions and images of text, text can be  
resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of  
content or functionality. (Level AA)


1.4.8 Visual Presentation: For the visual presentation of blocks of text,  
a mechanism is available to achieve the following: (Level AAA)
[points 1-4 are not relevant]
   5. Text can be resized without assistive technology up to 200
      percent in a way that does not require the user to scroll
      horizontally to read a line of text on a full-screen window.

This is not exactly brilliant, but it does cover what you are asking for.



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