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Re: Screen Reader Programs

From: Sailesh Panchang <sailesh.panchang@deque.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 19:59:40 -0500
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To: wed@csulb.edu
Cc: Liz Hunter <lduncan@siu.edu>, "w3c-wai-ig@w3.org" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Ensuring that Web content works with  assistive technologies
(generally expected to be in use by the target population) is required
for  ensuring the Web page is WCAG 2 compliant. Some attributes /
elements are not adequately supported by browsers / assistive
technologies even though the specs documents their accessibility
Well one should employ a combination of techniques to identify
accessibility barriers including testing with evaluation tools,
assistive technologies and browser combinations, and of course by
users who routinely depend on assistive technology for computer access
and who know accessibility specs and Web technologies. Source code
review is also a vital skill to say why something is a problem and
suggest context-specific fixes.
Sailesh Panchang

On 12/9/11, Wayne Dick <wed@csulb.edu> wrote:
> Dear James,
> I think testing with a screen reader is not very useful.  The
> suggestion of using a free and easy to use reader is best, because it
> does not involve a lot of learning time.
> Your time is better spent learning an evaluation tool, especially the
> manual evaluation parts.  Screen readers will let you know if some
> people who are blind can use your site.  They will give you almost no
> information about how well your site will support the needs of people
> with low vision, the majority of people with visual impairments.
> So spend your time studying the WCAG Guidlines and the "how to meet"
> descriptions.  Learn your WAI ARIA. Learn a good evaluation tool and
> how to do manual evaluation effectively.
> Remember, when you meet WCAG and WAI ARIA, and a screen reader cannot
> read your site, your page is isn't the problem... the screen reader
> just has a bug.
> Wayne Dick
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