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RE: jQuery events , ufo and screenreaders

From: Thierry Koblentz <ng@tjkdesign.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 21:13:01 -0800
To: "'Jonathan Avila'" <jon.avila@ssbbartgroup.com>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <012101cbde18$ab32ddd0$01989970$@com>
> wmode not set or set to “window” is required and it is also helpful to
> a tabIndex is set on the object/embed tag.  

The problem is that many authors use "transparent" or "opaque", because they
do not want the object to hide other elements on the page (i.e. drop down

> Screen readers do NOT tend to render the any alternative text though
> of the object/embed tag and often don’t provide access to the title
> on these elements either.
I believe this is normal behavior as this alternative text is provided for
UAs that do not support the element wrapping that text. 

I came up with a technique that allows dynamic resizing of videos. This
means that if the container is set in EMs, the video can increase/decrease
its size (keeping the same aspect ratio) in relation to the user's text-size
settings. That same technique can hide content behind the object which -
unlike - alternative content is *accessible* to screen-readers (as it is
outside of the objects tags):
> I’m now asking developers to avoid using this and implement a class which
hides the content off screen.
> http://webaim.org/blog/hiding-content-for-screen-readers/

This method prevents all possible issues related to the edges outside of the
content box (margin, border, and padding):
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