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Re: Blank Pages & Screen Readers

From: Madeleine Rothberg <madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 15:46:01 -0400
To: William R Williams <wrwilliams@fs.fed.us>, Post WAI list <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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Others may have better technical answers (and Leonie has given you one data
point already) but this sounds to me like someone misunderstood some good
advice and turned it backwards. I wouldn't be surprised if what they were
told was that they *shouldn't* insert a blank page in the middle of a
document because a screen reader user might think that was the end of the
content and never read the rest. But that got changed into thinking that
they *should* put a blank page at the end, because then a screen reader user
would know it was the end.


Madeleine Rothberg
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH

On 11/5/10 3:04 PM, "William R Williams" <wrwilliams@fs.fed.us> wrote:

> All, 
> I have been assisting some co-workers and contractors in producing accessible,
> 2-page PDF files from some fairly complicated Word templates, while following
> various guidelines, tutorials, etc. available for this workflow (such as
> Adobe's accessibililty guides for PDFs). Someone provided the following
> statement to me which I have never heard before ... and somehow doesn't seem
> intuitive: 
> "A third page that is blank was also added because we are told that when a
> screen reader encounters a blank page that's a signal to the screen reader
> that it is at the end of the document."
> It seems to me that an end of a document is the end and no further "signals"
> are necessary. I wonder if this is accurate, is it recommended as a best
> practice? 
> Any information or experiences with this is appreciated. Thanks!
> Bill Williams <http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/> 
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