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RE: Dynamic Websites

From: Ryan Jean <ryanj@disnetwork.org>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 11:44:11 -0500
To: "'Accessys@smart.net'" <accessys@smart.net>
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I absolutely agree with the back door. There needs to be one for every
website if they are including Flash. Even before I got involved with web
accessibility, I did a website long ago that I included 2 versions: one with
Flash, and one with just simple text and images.

Ryan Jean
Assistant IT Specialist
The Disability Network
Flint, MI

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absolutely,  You tube has to maybe qualify as the least accessible
site on the web.
  And I am not sure how it could possibly be made accessible, although
setting it up to be usable from the keyboard would improve it

I've found blogs to be all over the place some with horrible access
and some that work pretty well.

however I have been finding more and more websites that require flash
to get past the front door and no alternative, even though once into
the site it works reasonably well with adaptive equipment. can't
understand why they don't at least have a backdoor entry.


On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Ryan Jean wrote:

> In my opinion, blog sites are most web accessible in the dynamic world.
> Blogs are people writing about a subject and having people comment them
> back, as we are doing here. They can be used by AT, such as screen
> However, chat and video hosting sites are the worst. For one, chat sites,
> such as Facebook or MySpace, use a lot of drop-down menus and depend on
> interactivity with the mouse. Not all people can use the mouse. Video
> hosting sites, such as YouTube, need the mouse to play videos. One cannot
> use the keyboard to play a video. Also, YouTube has a feature where it
> flashes thumbnails of videos that you can play. How can a screen reader
> up with what video is on the screen? It can't.
> All in all, I've noticed these sites utilize JavaScript and Flash a lot,
> which tries to avoid the keyboard. In the same respect, this disallows
> users to use the function because of not being web accessible. Anyone
> Sincerely,
> Ryan Jean
> Assistant IT Specialist
> The Disability Network
> Flint, MI

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