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I would be grateful if you could kindly circulate this Webinar Info to
groups/professionals/lists for whom this may be of interest.


Asif Daya




Limited (FREE) Registration Now Open for a Live Webinar

Webinar on Accessibility

Title: Systems-Approach Models of Web Accessibility: Because Techniques are
Not Enough

Speaker: Paul Bohman

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2007 

Time: 11:00 am EST (Arrive at 10:30 for a tutorial on Elluminate)
Presentation will last 1.5 hours with 0.5 hours for questions after the

Cost: FREE - But 1st come first seated - limited seating.

More Information: http://www.trainerspod.com/info/

Register: http://www.Trainerspod.com/register

Webinar attendees present will have the opportunity to win a 128 MB USB
Flash Drive to be given away by random drawing after the presentation. 


Event Background 

On a technical level, making web content accessible to diverse audiences --
including those with disabilities -- requires knowledge of specific design
techniques. But as important as these techniques are, if they are
implemented only some of the time, or by only some of the developers, the
overall result likely will be inaccessible to some portion of the

Accessibility -- especially within large organizations -- requires
consistent attention at all stages of development, from planning to
developing and evaluation. It also requires cross-sector expertise with
organizations. Accessibility should be taken into account as part of the
larger picture of quality control, in contexts such as: 

*	Purchasing: Buying software or web services 
*	Human Resources: Hiring potential employees 
*	Graphic Design: Creating web site designs and templates 
*	Database Architecture: Designing databases that will serve content
to the web 
*	Web Services: Creating intranets 
*	Web Programming: Creating web-based authoring or editing
*	Writing: Writing content that will appear on the web 
*	and so on. 

This presentation will take a closer look at how to make accessibility a
part of systems-level approaches to quality control and design. It will also
provide an overview of the techniques (because yes, the techniques are
important too!), and provide extensive resources for further information.

About the Presenter 

Paul Bohman is a faculty member of the Instructional Technology department
at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia USA. He teaches classes
about web accessibility and design. His research interests include the role
of e-learning in promoting educational and economic development in
developing countries, systems-based approaches to web accessibility, and
cognitive disability access to the web. Previously, he served as Director of
Training Products and Services at WebAIM, an initiative of Utah State

We have limited "seats" for this event. The webinar is entirely free of
charge and there is a huge level of interest in hearing about open-source
applications. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Register for the event by visiting: http://www.trainerspod.com/register. 

The minimum PC requirements are a Pentium III 500 MHz CPU running Windows
98/ME/2000/XP with 128MB of memory and a sound card.  The minimum Mac
requirements are Mac OS 9.1/9.2, Mac OS X 10.1.5/10.2/10.3/10.4, running on
a G3 233 MHz CPU with either 64 MB (OS 9), 128 MB (OS X 10.1.5/10.2/10.3) or
256 MB (OS X 10.4).

To get maximum benefit from Elluminate Live!, all users should have a
microphone and speakers.

Trainerspod.com <http://www.trainerspod.com>  seeks to provide free access
to these events to raise knowledge and awareness of the issues, practices
and needs of e-Learning practitioners and researchers around the world.

We are indebted to Elluminate (www.elliuminate.com) in sponsoring us and
providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge.

Visit http://www.elluminate.com/support-portal/ to search for a solution or
contact a support representative. Also visit www.elluminate.com/support

For Information on the Webinar: http://www.trainerspod.com/info
For registration: http://www.trainerspod.com/register

TrainersPodR - 2007 - All rights reserved
1273 Neapolitan Rd., Punta Gorda, FL USA 33983
Asif Daya

For registration problems :  register@trainerspod.com


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