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Re: linked list alternative to nested menus

From: Terrence Wood <tdw@funkive.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 12:04:39 +1300
Message-Id: <40C52747-B08A-11DA-95D4-0003931722DA@funkive.com>
To: "'WAI-IG'" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Colin Lieberman:
> reconsider how you are describing it.
> "Linked List" is a fairly specific sort of construction in Computer 
> Science
Thanks for the lesson in computer science nomenclature. Luckily, the 
context in which the phrase was used is not computer science, and I 
doubt it caused any confusion =)

Paul, I commented on this thread at WSG, but cc my comments here for 
anyone interested.

Paul Novitski:
> 1) The semantic relationship of parent menu item to sub-menu is 
> obscured if not lost.
Provide a structural label for top-level navigation, this will make the 
relationship far more explicit. Using the labels from your main 
navigation device as headings for the sub-menus will also serve to 
strengthen the relationship.

> 2) Because the sub-menu is not structurally nested within the parent 
> item, some visual layouts of the menu will be difficult or impossible, 
> such as the nested folder metaphor.
You can enhance the layout with a little javascript to achieve any 
layout you can imagine, you just need to account for the non-javascript 

kind regards
Terrence Wood.
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