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RE: Accesskeys (was RE: Accessibility features)

From: Julian Scarlett <Julian.Scarlett@eden.gov.uk>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 08:42:49 -0000
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> A better solution (if you continue to believe that you *really* need
> accesskeys) would be to investigate one of the new crop of 
> scripts that are surfacing, that allow the end user to 
> specify *their* preference.

I have implemented one of these solutions on a UK local gov site (www.eden.gov.uk/accesskeys/), not because I believed them to be necessary but because they were requested by a user of our site. It seems there is a real need for them for some people and doing it this way has no impact on those who do not wish them to be there. 

By the way, if anyone finds any problems with my implementation please let me know.



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