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RE: AAA & Roman numerals

From: Christophe Strobbe <christophe.strobbe@esat.kuleuven.be>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 10:21:34 +0200
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

Hi Colin,

At 19:40 6/10/2005, Colin Lieberman wrote:

 > A useful related question would be: how do screen readers deal with
 > ordered lists that use roman numerals?

I asked a coworker who uses Jaws for everything. The results are quite

For ordered lists, Jaws reads "I, 2, 3..." It gets everything except the
first one.

My attempt at using a lang attribute in the acronym tag turned out to be
worthless: Jaws reads <acronym lang="la" title="Part V">V</acronym> as "la

As far as I know, the use of lang="la" indicates that not only the element
content but also the element's attribute values are in Latin, and this
conflicts with the language used in the value of the title attribute.


Christophe Strobbe

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