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Simple (and accessible) definition for accessibility

From: Matthew Smith <matt@kbc.net.au>
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 10:38:46 +1030
Message-ID: <41D5EA0E.1030204@kbc.net.au>
To: WAI Interest Group <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>

Hi All

Happy New Year for those using the Gregorian calendar and whom have been reached 
by midnight.

I am writing an online document into which I am introducing the concept of 
accessibility.  Rather than re-inventing the wheel and preparing my own glossary 
(which, quite frankly, I can't be bothered to do), I was wondering if anyone 
could suggest a URI (link) of a good executive summary of the concept, for the 
layman of average reading age.  (The intended audience can all read English but, 
for some, it is not their first language.)

Thanks in anticipation.



Matthew Smith
Kadina Business Consultancy
South Australia
Received on Saturday, 1 January 2005 00:08:51 UTC

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