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Re: Calendar markup - review please?

From: Marjolein Katsma <hgnje001@sneakemail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 21:32:48 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

Thanks for that screenshot!

At 17:37 2004-10-29, Harry Loots wrote:
>here's what the calendar looks like in LYNX - interestingly enough if the <<
>or >> links to previous next month is selected the page reloads and the next /
>previous month's calendar is displayed. You'll note from the screen grab that
>it appears on p15 of 25 in my LYNX browser (this will be different if you go
>fullscreen with the TTY display); as yet i do not have an explanation for you
>as to why there is a gap between Friday and Saturday's date columns; though
>there may be margin or padding applied around the image or month name.

There's no image (yet!). But I noticed the very same gap in my Windows 
version of Lynx. And I have no idea what in my code could be causing that gap.

>I did a
>quick test and changed the month name to <caption> (incl. the prev / next
>links) and this still worked, and the gaps between cols dissapeared -
>incidentally i would have used caption for the month (to comply with WCAG
>checkpoint 5.5).

Yes, I'm going with the caption suggestion here (I don't think it makes 
sense for *all* data tables but here it certainly does).
Doing some experiments (off-line so far). But I'm not including the 
next/previous links in the caption - I need some way to tie some of the 
date cells to the next/previous month with a 'headers' attribute and I can 
do that only if they somehow appear as part of the table.

I tried putting those links in a tfoot section - but just noticed that that 
results in those links appearing just below the day (name) headers in Lynx, 
because tfoot comes just after thead, and before tbody (although that 
curious gap between Friday and Saturday does disappear). Maybe putting 
those links in a separate tbody section at the bottom of the table will 
work better.

And although I'd like to have an understandable (at least) layout in Lynx 
(and Links) - I do have to take the graphical rendering into account as well.

>  (To those who will not be able to view the screengrab showing
>calendar in LYNX - the calendar displays in matrix format - though there is a
>gap between the Friday and Saturday's columns.)

Could it be Lynx has some half-way implementation of tables? I'm mystified 
by that gap... And my latest (off-line) version of the Calendar results in 
a "CAPTION: " label before the caption text which suggests Lynx does have 
*some* understanding of table markup, but little enough to get confused? 
(And yes, that mysterious gap disappears.)

>PS! I liked the site overall - you've obviously spent a lot of time in making
>it as usable as possible.

More attention than time - but attention paid to it right from scratch. 
I've always done that but I'm learning all the time - earlier sites are 
certainly not as good, and I don't have time to redesign them all!

The calendar does take a bit of time now though (as in: days) - but it's an 
interesting exercise, going beyond "complicated data table" and trying to 
find the optimal markup for a "navigation calendar". )And once that optimal 
markup is found, I'll be able to wrap it in a class and reuse it.)

Getting there (I think), will report back.

Marjolein Katsma
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