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RE: Is W3C Technology Fragmented or Unified?

From: Lisa Seeman <lisa@ubaccess.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:54:24 +0300
To: 'WAI-IG' <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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If it helps,
We use  a single base markup language (extended XHTML) XSL and RDF for
mapping relationships all with  cocoon to chose XSL depending on the
pipeline, pulling what I think is a darn good accessibility system for
different user scenarios.

Let me know if I can help further


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> Subject: RE: Is W3C Technology Fragmented or Unified?
> > From: Geoff Deering
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> > I know I have enough on my hands just trying to keep up 
> with basic W3C 
> > technologies.  Whose the guru who has all this encapsulated in a 
> > vision
> > *AND* really knows how to deploy all this in one CMS?
> I don't think it's realistic anymore to expect one single 
> guru to know all these things, but having separate groups of 
> developers within the organisation with good experience of 
> one of the technologies. You want a system at the core which 
> is modular, and can deliver the various markup solutions 
> based on a shared pool of resources (be it XML, an RDBM, web 
> service interfaces to complex - and legacy - enterprise systems, etc).
> I think somebody mentioned Cocoon. That's certainly one of 
> the ways I can see this moving towards. Again, you wouldn't 
> ask a single guru to develop your very own, in house version 
> of a Cocoon-like system plus all the various output modules. 
> You'd get a concerted effort to get a central framework in 
> place, but making sure that it can indeed be expanded in 
> future to output any standard formats - ideally rolling them 
> out one by one (saying from the start that you need 
> xhtml,xml,svg,rdf,atom,kitchensinkML,etc
> is not a realistic proposition, and the decision-makers need 
> to be made aware that this is the case).
> However, I don't think that the opposite trend - having a 
> single monolithic super markup language that does everything 
> (and includes the complete DTD of
> kitchensinkML) is a viable alternative either. I do see the 
> need for separate languages for separate purposes. It's true, 
> however, that we need to be careful not to get lost in the 
> see of similar-but-not-quite ones (RSS vs Atom, and all their 
> separate versions)
> Just thinking out loud. Not really an answer to your 
> question, I know...
> Patrick
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