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Re: Accessible web content services.

From: david poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 14:32:50 -0400
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Surely, for the fact that following the access key spec is a bad idea in
many respects for it is broken and it does a lot of conflicting, but I know
of no application today that supports the intent of access keys such as go
to the table of contents, actiavte a particular link etc.  I have seen
access keys implemented well though but ufortunately, with ie and many
assistive technologies, they don't work even when they are well implemented.
It is always appropriate to follow wai guidelines if you want to state
conformance.  People don't have to use the access keys if they cause
problems, but putting them in the code does not cause any harm.

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From: Tina Holmboe
  GAWS was, however, an interesting link to have. I would like to
  understand their position on "Following WAI recommendations where
  appropriate" though.

I don't presume to speak for the organization but my personal take is that
some of the recommendations such as Access Keys may or may not be a good
recommendation to follow. That is an area of considerable debate, which ones
are available that don't conflict with operating system, browser,
accessibility device/programs already assigned keys. No set of "standard"
available keys that can be relied upon, etc. all make following that
recommendation less than an ideal situation.

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