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ATutor 1.4.1 Released

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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:06:19 -0400
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ATutor 1.4.1 Released
July 15, 2004

A minor update release of ATutor is now available. This release is primarily a stabilizing release, which provides adjustments and bug fixes based on feedback from the ATutor user community, though it also includes a few new features. 

Download ATutor 1.4.1

New Features Available with this Release

1. *Polls*: Instructors can create single question polls to quickly survey students' opinions on specific topics, and frame discussions around the results of a poll. Poll results are stored for future reference.

2. *Course Language Property*: Instructors can now set the default language in which each of their courses is displayed.

3. *Shared Themes*: ATutor administrators may now download themes from ATutor.ca to install on their ATutor systems. Themes can now be submitted to the site to be considered for addition to the ATutor Theme Library. 

4. *Source Code Repository*: The live, developing ATutor source code is now available for browsing so users and developers can learn about the programming behind ATutor. Potential contributing developers can “checkout” the  source code and create new features to be considered for addition to ATutor. See the ATutor Development Site for more about the ATutor source code, and contributing new features.

ATutor Themes Library

ATutor Development Site

Translator Update

Those who have been maintaining ATutor language should visit the translation site and update the few new language items that have been added since the previous release. Notify the ATutor team when the updates are complete so the new language packs can be made available.

If you are not yet a translator, and you would like to contribute, see “Things You Should Know Before Translating” for more about translating ATutor.

Translator Login

Thing You Should Know Before Translating
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