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RE: FW: Linearizing Site Maps

From: Visisoul - Isabelle <olists@visisoul.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 04:36:29 -0500
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> I may be taking the wrong approach but I always favour the <ul>
> approach with each <li> being a link to the page.
> See http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/education/schools-area/site-map
> as an example.
> Maybe this approach is why I see no functional difference between
> a site map and a table of contents.

I don't think you are taking a wrong approach at all!  I have used this
before myself (in a site that's not in my portfolio). :)  I'm really trying
to be a bit *creative* in approach with this site and yet I still want the
site map to be universally accessible.  It's a smaller site; therefore, I
was less concerned about the potential confusion.

So, for example, if a Lynx browser is used I want it to still make sense.
My objective here was to create a visual representation without too many
graphics while using text links.  Mind you, I was having trouble with the
FYI and top level links.  *grin*  I just *have* to be different, don't I?
<--- trouble maker.

P.S. My apologies if this gets duplicated, I'm fixing my outgoing and
incoming email addresses for this list!


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