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Invitation to Accessibility Metadata Summit

From: Jutta Treviranus <jutta.treviranus@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:34:42 -0500
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Please circulate to any interested parties. Apologies for the late notice.

Jutta Treviranus

Invitation to Accessibility Metadata Summit

Metadata for Accessibility

IMS Global Learning Consortium is hosting an international 
collaborative effort to determine specifications for accessibility 
metadata to match their publicly released AccessForAll user profile

IMS is soliciting input from parties who have an interest in 
accessibility and metadata. Work has been underway for some months 
and has led to a draft proposal for presentation at an Accessibility 
Metadata Summit to be held in Zurich, Switzerland on Monday February 
9th, 2004 where questions and comments will be welcomed.  Exact 
location of summit TBD.

Participation is by invitation and registration is required (there is 
no registration fee).  To request an invitation and register: email 
your name, contact information and email address to Toni Roberts at 
aroberts@nbnet.nb.ca prior to February 2, 2004.

Synopsis of Context

IMS has developed a user profile that describes user preferences 
regarding display, control and content.  Currently this work is being 
followed by a collaborative effort to develop metadata specifications 
for resources and services to match such preference descriptions.

The success of this effort will be partly in its interoperability, 
consequently various metadata standards groups are working together 
on this effort. Currently, W3C, DCMI, IMS, CEN-ISSS WS-LT, AGLS, 
EuroAccessibility and other groups have participated. The Summit will 
provide a special opportunity for these groups and others to come 
together to present their work and consider the interoperability and 
utility of the collaborative team's current proposals.

Participation is open and free but participants are asked to register 
in advance. Summit participants who are interested in further work in 
the collaboration may extend their participation to include attending 
the two-day Working Group meeting that will immediately follow the 

The Summit program will be posted closer to the event but it is 
expected that there will be a detailed explanation of both the ACCLIP 
(the user profile) and the draft ACCMD (the resource/ service 
metadata model), and presentation of some proposed implementations 
within the various metadata standards such as the IMS metadata 
framework, Dublin Core metadata, etc.  Participants will be offered 
scheduled time to present their work and there will be a substantial 
discussion period.

For further information, contact the Accessibility Metadata Working 
Group Co-Chairs:

Jutta Treviranus	jutta.treviranus@utoronto.ca


Toni Roberts	aroberts@nbnet.nb.ca

For more information on present participating organizations:

IMS Accessibility Working Group (http://www.imsglobal.org/accessibility)

CEN-ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop (WS-LT): Accessibility 
Properties for Learning Resources (APLR) (http://www.cen-aplr.org/)

Dublin Core:Accessibility (http://dublincore.org/groups/access)

W3C/WAI (http://www.w3.org/wai)

EuroAccessibility (http://www.euroaccessibility.org/)

SIDAR (http://www.sidar.org/)

CanCore (http://www.cancore.ca/)

EduSpecs (http://eduspecs.ic.gc.ca/)

AGLS (http://www.naa.gov.au/recordkeeping/gov_online/agls/summary.html)

British Standards Institute (http://edd2.bsi.org.uk/link.php/ist/43)

National Center for Accessible Media (http://ncam.wgbh.org/)

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