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Fw: The Audio Network

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Is this accessible?
I only ask because it seems to me without first looking at it that it places
a heavy requirement burden on the user.  I hope this does not become a

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From: Andy Baracco [mailto:wq6r@concentric.net]
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This message is about the Audio Network, a website for the blind using
audio web
pages, controlled by standard keyboard navigation. It is the first site

in the world that needs no adaptive technology to be accessible by
blind and partially sighted users. The site is free and there is no
cost involved whatsoever. The address of the site is a follows, after
which we'd like to tell you about some of the things you can find on
the site that may be of interest. Please feel free to pass this message

along to anyone who you think might find it useful.


There are many parts to the Audio Network. For example, it is the
place on the internet where you can listen to BBC Radio schedules for
the forthcoming week in audio.

Speaking of radio, there is a whole section of radio stations, where
can change channels at the touch of a button, without having to worry
about annoying pop ups, registrations etc.

If you like puzzles, quizzes, and games, then you will love the Audio
Network. There are over 50 different trivia quizzes, puzzles, and
games, ranging from snakes and ladders, baseball, and an evening at the

greyhound races, through to straight trivia quizzes such as
Frustration, Minefield, and who wants to win a million points. There is

also an extensive range of music quizzes, and a difficult maze to work
your way around (avoiding the trap doors of course!). The quizzes are
fun for all ages, educational, and informative.

There is also a daily selection of puzzles, ranging from crosswords
geography, through national anthems, and even a "spot the liar"

If drama is your thing, there are short stories and original radio
from Hosiprog Presentations for your pleasure, as well as links to
audio described movies provided by NTT.

There is an inspirational corner, where you can listen to words of
and choose your colour of the day - you can even get a virtual fortune
cookie from the genie!

If sports is your thing, we have one of the most comprehensive sports
sections dedicated to blind sports online! You can listen to goalball,
blind soccer, or blind bolws, just as if you were there at the event!
You can also find information about blind sports, and how to get

Want to send somebody a greetings card? It can be difficult to
navigate if
you are relying on the big guys such as Yahoo. The Audio Network offers

an extensive range of audio poetry from classical and amateur authors,
which are ready to listen to and send to your friends as an audio
greetings card at the touch of a button!

Want to have your own page? The newest section of the Audio Network
you to do just that! The section is called "World Visions", and quite
simply, you can have your own section on the site, to put your point of

view, discuss your hobbies etc etc. - you don't even have to be able to

record, we'll do that for you!

And don't forget, the International Interactive Audio Magazine for
Blind - Soundaround - is also available through the Audio Network.
June's edition is now online, and you can catch up with a whole 12
months of previous editions too!

We hope you take a look at the site, we are sure you will find
somthing to
enjoy! Here is the link again.


Best regards,

Bill and David Teale.
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Regards Steve,
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