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RE: Scripting (was RE: Accessible road maps)

From: Access Systems <accessys@smart.net>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 12:47:57 -0400 (EDT)
To: Kurt_Mattes@bankone.com
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On Wed, 2 Jun 2004 Kurt_Mattes@bankone.com wrote:

> More on the WANT vs NEED debate.  Makes me wonder...do we NEED the
> Internet or WANT it?  How did anyone ever survive without it or cell

yes, in the teaming metropolis of San Juan de LiMay Nicaragua the sole
doctor uses a very slow internet link (frequently the voice phones are
unusable) if the phone line is very clean I think he can get 2400 baud to
consult with the nearest hospital about 3 hours away via very lousy roads.

in the past, many of his patients died!   this is not an accessibility
issue but it is an important point to consider when this guy or thousands
like him around the world are trying to get information from modern
hospitals and libraries that are not even a dream.

recently a local bus slid off the road and down a steep embankment, about
a dozen were killed many seriously injured, this guy was the only link to
anything resembling real medicine.

no cell phones, no PDA's nothing but a laptop and a barely adequate phone
line was all that seperated several people from death.

> All of the content represented by this code is available via several
> other means - by phone, in print[including brail and multiple
> languages], or in person.  No one NEEDS to get this information via
> the Internet.

no in the past, these people just died... there is more to the web than
what we here in the advanced countries like as convienences

>  Browsers that do not support client-side scripts need
> to be enhanced.

.do you also enhance the telephone lines in the entire world?
.do you also buy and maintain thousands of obsolete computers in the 3rd
. who trains all these people in how to use this fancy stuff.
. and who pays for the web time when they are billed by the second for all
the extra fluff.

>  Users that disable scripts in their browser make a
> concious decision to do so and inhibit themselves.

or maybe to enhance their ability to actually link to the web

> applications when this clealy states "...until most user agents...".
> Lynx seems
> to be one of the more popular browsers sited when something like scripting is
> raised.  Is it not the responsibility of the Lynx developers to make changes?

but the Lynx developers are providing the browser that their particular
customers need or want. otherwise they would be using mozilla or IE or
whatever bloated browser they get stuck with, there are real valid reasons
for chosing a lean/robust browser.

now the above is not directly linked to accessibility except that it has
probably saved many many people from disability and/or death in areas of
the world where people with disabilities are considered less than human.

sorry for beating  this to death but it can be a matter of life or death


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