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Fw: [SEC508] IBM Systems Journal Special Issue on Accessibility - Call for Papers

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Subject: [SEC508] IBM Systems Journal Special Issue on Accessibility - Call
for Papers

                              Call for Papers

                            IBM Systems Journal
                      Special Issue on Accessibility

         Sara Basson, Vicki Hanson, Michael Strack, guest editors
                      IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

The IBM Systems Journal is planning a special issue on Accessibility.
People with disabilities number nearly 1 billion worldwide, representing a
formidable force of employees and customers. The technology required for
achieving accessibility dovetails with technology required for pervasive
computing, as non-disabled customers need increasingly flexible,
multi-modal interfaces to accommodate IT access under varying environments
and with numerous devices. The objective of this special issue is to
document significant contributions to the area of accessibility by IBM
authors and other leaders in the field.

Topics of interest include:
   Architectural considerations in achieving accessibility
   Applications designed for people with disabilities
   Business considerations in providing an accessible infrastructure
   Universal access and design
   Aging populations and accessibility requirements
   Models of accessibility management
   Surveys of recent work in accessibility

In order to help us plan this issue, prospective authors should notify the
guest editors of their intent to submit a paper by submitting a title and
short abstract to Sara Basson (sbasson@us.ibm.com) by May 15.  The papers
are due on October 15. Papers will be published on the Internet beginning
in 2Q05 and the complete issue will be printed in August 2005.

IBM Systems Journal strives to be a premier technical forum for software
and systems aspects of computer science and engineering. The Journal's
Internet site is visited by 1.6 million readers per year, and 30,000
printed copies are distributed to IBM customers, employees, and paid
subscribers. Here is an excerpt from the information for authors:

   "A paper may describe original work, discuss a new technique or
   application, present a survey of recent work in a given field, or
   provide tutorial information.  Concepts and underlying principles should
   be emphasized, with enough background information to orient the reader
   who is not a specialist in the subject.  The desired focus is on new
   technology or science, rather than simple descriptions of products.  It
   is important to describe the value of specific work within the broader
   framework to which it pertains."

More author information is available at

Important dates:
May 15, 2004: title and short abstract due to Sara Basson
October 15, 2004: deadline for full paper

Andi Snow-Weaver
IBM Accessibility Center
(512) 838-9903, http://www.ibm.com/able
Internal Tie Line 678-9903, http://w3.austin.ibm.com/~snsinfo

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