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Homeland Security Show on PWD

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To All,

Will people with disabilities be part of a homeland security emergency 
response program? Is anyone working in this area to ensire PWDs are included in 
national emergency programs? Who are they? These questions will be answered 
tomorrow and the press release appearing below will tell you where to learn this 
information. Tune in and participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you do not wish to receive future e-mails on my acitivities please let me 
know and your names will be deleted from this list.

John Williams


TVWORLDWIDE.COM                                                                                            PRESS RELEASE
 HomelandDefenseTV.com to Webcast Town Meeting on Training First Responders 
to Address Needs of the Disabled  Worldwide Webcast Event to Feature 
Presentations and Panel Discussion
  Friday, April 30, 2004,1 PM ET

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 28, 2004Contact:   Nate 
TV Worldwide.com, Inc. 
(703) 961-9250   Ext. 222             Chantilly, Va. – TVWorldwide.com, a 
fast-growing web-based global TV network and streaming video service provider, 
announced that its HomelandDefenseTV channel (www.homelanddefensetv.com) will 
webcast a town meeting on the needs of the disabled in emergency situations and 
strategies for protecting such individuals -- including the establishment of a 
curriculum to train first responders. The free webcast will feature 
presentations and discussion by a panel of experts. The Homeland Defense TV channel was 
recently launched in partnership with Homeland Defense Journal, Homeland 
Defense Radio and The University of Findlay’s Center for Terrorism 
Preparedness. The webcast will also provide insight concerning the readiness of the 
Department of Homeland Security, as well as other state and federal agencies, in 
ensuring the safety of persons with disabilities. The live online audience will be 
able to ask questions of the presenters via e-mail - - providing a fully 
interactive forum for sharing of information. It is requested that questions 
submitted by e-mail be done as far in advance as possible in order to ensure that 
they can be addressed during the live webcast. The HomelandDefenseTV.com event 
will be available live and archived in fully accessible format using the 
captioned video streaming of TVWorldwide.com's "webcapting" SM process. The event 
will be simulcast on AT508.com (www.at508.com) , TV Worldwide’s Internet TV 
channel for the community of people with disabilities with emphasis on assistive 
tecnology.  The webcast will originate from the studios of TV Worldwide in 
Chantilly, Virginia and invited guests include: Daniel Sutherland, Officer for 
Civil Rights & Civil Liberties at the Department of Homeland Security, Eric L. 
Qualkenbush, Director of the University of Findlay’s Center for Terrorism 
Preparedness, Michael L. Webber, Adjunct Instructor and Consultant at the University 
of Findlay’s Center for Terrorism Preparedness, and Bill Brobst, Adjunct 
Instructor at University of Findlay’s School of Environmental and Emergency 
Management. John Williams, a renowned columnist on disability issues and Ms. 
Elizabeth Davis, consultant to the National Organization on Disability for emergency 
preparedness initiatives will also serve on the panel. Mr. Dave Gardy, CEO of 
TV Worldwide, will host the show.  "As a long-time developer of streaming media 
content for the community of people with disabilities, we are excited about 
producing a webcast on such an important national policy discussion to create 
awareness on this issue that will lead to tangible training solutions," 
commented Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TVWorldwide.com.  "We are pleased that the 
first live webcast event on Homeland Defense TV will also address the needs of 
the community of people with disabilities.”  The live webcast will begin at 1 
PM ET at www.homelanddefensetv.com , www.at508.com and at www.tvworldwide.com 
. Participants should have the latest version of either Windows Media Player 
or Real Video Player installed prior to the event and should log on by 12:45 
PM (ET) on April 30th. The live webcast will be made available as an archived 
file, shortly thereafter and will be hosted for one full year at 
HomelandDefenseTV.com and at AT508.com.  About HomelandDefenseTV.comHomeland Defense TV 
provides informational programming and e-learning opportunities on homeland 
defense topics for government and corporate security personnel, first responders and 
interested citizens. The programs of homelanddefenseTV.com, a venue for 
interactive streaming media e-learning courses, seminars, conferences and meetings, 
are sponsored by the University of Findlay School of Environmental and 
Emergency Management (SEEM), Homeland Defense Journal and Homeland Defense Radio. In 
addition to streaming video and audio, the site features relevant printed 
material and links to sites that provide additional information. 
HomelanddefenseTV.com is a content-rich, comprehensive source of knowledge about homeland 
defense, safety and security or emergency preparedness and response 

About TV Worldwide

As a leading global Internet broadcasting and streaming media company, TV 
Worldwide ( www.tvworldwide.com ) is developing a network of video channels that 
is an affiliation of community-based Internet television stations, each 
underwritten by a strategic partner, "aimcasting" SM to targeted demographic 
audiences worldwide. TVWorldwide.com works with strategic partners to develop the 
latest in live and archived state-of-the art video streaming content 
applications. TVWorldwide.com was recently named one of the streaming video industry's 
"Hottest Streaming Companies” by Streaming Magazine, www.streamingmagazine.com, 
and CEO Dave Gardy was honored by the magazine as one of the 50 Most 
Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy currently serves as the president of 
the International Webcasting Association (IWA).                            
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