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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 08:34:48 +0100
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    In theory it can do better, and when I've challenged the 
    likely total lack of sensible reading order in the past, 
    the SVG lobby have pointed to their accessibility paper.

Nice one liner isn't it. 

    However even PDF can also do a lot better than the typical 
    PDF you see. 
    Typical PDF has nearly every character individually placed 
    and no space characters, but the design of PDF doesn't 
    require that, it is the PostScript print drivers and word 
    processors that cause the problem.

You wouldn't say that if you had to extract about 50K of text
out of PDF per day :-)

    It is actually an explicit design aim of PDF that it be 
    possible to extract the underlying plain text.

If there is any. We've received a manual in which the entire
document is in images. I.e. no text at all. 

    > in the quality of the image when zoomed, making it good 
    for a group of 
    > low vision users. Unlike bitmapped images it doesn't lose 
    quality when zoomed.
    I'd question this, at least for large magnifications, as 
    people with good sight will be seeing pixellated image at 
    their normal viewing scales.

Feel free to question it. The comparison I'd quote is a png or gif or tiff
image zoomed 20 times compared to SVG. Being vector its simply re-drawn.

    Non-integer magnifications might be a problem.

I don't understand that phrase.

regards DaveP.



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