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Re:W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Statement on Web Access Report from UK Disability Rights Commission

From: Julian Voelcker <asp@tvw.net>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 09:00:06 GMT
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-Id: <VA.00000d97.03173ea5@tvw.net>

I am sorry if this is the wrong platform for this, however this morning 
I watched an report on the breakfast news about the UK's Disability 
Rights Commission report on Web Accessibility with the Chairman and a 
blind user explaining the problems that they have with websites.

As a UK based web consultant I was really pleased to see such a high 
level of exposure - most of the time when I mention accessibility to 
clients they haven't got a clue and I generally struggle to persuade 
them to move away from having flashy interactive sites to having a more 
standards based accessible sites.

However I have just read the response from the W3C and I have to say I 
am extremely disappointed at how negative it is.

OK, I haven't been able to read the report yet because it hasn't been 
released yet, but I think it is important that any bodies involved in 
promoting Accessibility should be supporting each other to promote 
Accessibility issues and increasing awareness.

The last thing we need is the sort of tit for tat arguments more 
commonly seen between organisations with competing products.


Julian Voelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
Received on Wednesday, 14 April 2004 03:58:41 UTC

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