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Re: fixed font size.

From: Julia Collins <julia@we3.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 08:35:09 -0700
To: <David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BC981C3D.4EFB%julia@we3.co.uk>


as far as I can see, the font is re-sizable and no size declaration on the
body (perhaps he took your advice?). The problem is the non-fluid, fixed
width layout that contains the site - so if text is resized, there are
overflows which make it harder, not easier, to read.

Also, the lists used for navs still have indents on them which looks really
messy on a resize (and a bit iffy on 100%), and a fixed line height..


On 6/4/04 12:23 am, "David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk" <David.Pawson@rnib.org.uk>

> The site http://www.pilot-link.org/
> is using an external css file in which the font size is fixed.
> When I mailed him, he seemed confident that his was a good site,
> asking for feedback.
> In the css file he has
> body {
> font-size:        10px;
> font-family:        verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;
> }
> I.e. he's fixed everything at 10 pixels font size, which I find
> uncomfortably small.
> Quite rigid, doesn't allow me to increase it for my own needs.
> I think with IE6 on board, the only way I can overcome his
> font size is by using my own CSS in the cascade?
> How can I persuade him that its not a good idea please?
> Regards DaveP.
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