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Re: Guild of Accessible Web Designers starts membership drive

From: <jon@hackcraft.net>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 10:08:47 +0000
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Quoting Kerstin Goldsmith <kerstin.goldsmith@oracle.com>:

> My understanding is that terms like "Universal Design," "Universal 
> Access," "Access for All," and "Barrier Free" can all be used 
> synonomously with "Accessibility for people's with Disabilities."  
> Unfortunately, they can also be used to mean different things.  In Hong 
> Kong, for example, "Barrier Free" and "Access for All" refer NOT to 
> Accessibility for People with Disabilities - they refer to an effort to 
> get all economic classes of people, and differently-educated people into 
> the world of Technology - in other words, these phrases are being used 
> for "The Technological Divide."  "Universal Design," from a Usability 
> worldview, is probably more of a superset that includes usability for 
> people's with disabilities, but is not restricted to those users. 

Those concerns used to collectively be called "accessibility"...

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