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Focus (was RE: Date & number format)

From: Gemayel, Ziad <ZGemayel@lighthouse.org>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 15:13:57 -0500
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Thank you all for the feedback you sent.

I have another question regarding focus:
Assume a screen reader user selects a button that triggers a dialog box (For
example, Enter Address).  After filling out the fields and selecting the OK
button, should the focus come back to the original button that triggered the
dialog box (e.g. Enter Address) or should it move to the next element after
the button, thus avoiding an extra key stoke.

Also, in case the trigger is a Save button, once it is selected, should it
become grayed out and the focus move to the next element?

Is this confusing if it happens or would people find it efficient that way
to reduce their key strokes.

These are questions regarding the development of a software application and
we are looking at making it as efficient as possible.


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Since conventions for writing dates & phone numbers are so variable, I 
would say arrange it whichever way you want. But no matter how you set it 
up, give clear instructions to the users.

Phone numbers, for example, sound like really giant numbers with some 
screen reader setups if there's no punctuation. & some people use spaces to 
separate country & area codes, etc, from the main number. Some people use 
dashes, some use dots. So be specific about what you want (&/or have some 
good processing of the form data after it comes in).

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