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Re: legal case Ryan air

From: <jon@hackcraft.net>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 11:14:58 +0000
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> BlankIt a appears another interesting case goes to court today
> where a wheel chair user is seeking compensation
> from London Stanstead Airport and Ryan Air for charging 18.00 for the use of
> a wheelchair and lift to get onto the plane.

When I worked for a tourism dot-com some years ago we weren't shy about 
suggesting that customers sue over this (it wasn't our company policy to do so, 
but individually we were outraged and didn't hide it).

> I realise it is the Airlines that take the flak for this, but
> I believe it is the Airport authority that makes the charge??

IIRC the airlines are customers of the airport, not the passengers. They charge 
the airlines for the use of the wheelchair lifts, I don't think any other 
airline passes the charge on the customer, whereas Ryan Air pass *everything* 
onto the customer.

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