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Re: Guild of Accessible Web Designers starts membership drive

From: Byrne, Jim <J.Byrne@gcal.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 17:13:36 -0000
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The use of the phrase 'approved' - is a little misleading - as we are not
thinking of any particular course, and are not aware of any approved
courses. It is there as an 'aspiration'; the Guild may want to develop a
course of its own in the future, or may be a good organization to 'accredit'
existing courses. All of this is up for debate.

Whether the Guild is in a position to accredit other courses, will of depend
on whether it is seen as being a credible organization itself - and that
will depend on the how it develops, and who the members are - among other

All the best,

on 12/1/03 4:59 PM, Ben Gilmore at beng@getfrank.com wrote:

I don't suppose you can tell me any info on approved Accessible Web Design 
They are mentioned on the GAWDS.org web. 

I was naively unaware that they existed and would be very interested in any 
info your have on them... 

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Subject: {SPAM?} Guild of Accessible Web Designers starts membership drive 

> The Guild of Accessible Web Designers 'went public' today. Although the 
> Guild is not ready for an official launch, they are looking for new 
> members who are interesting in helping to develop the organization. The 
> intention is to launch officially some time in early 2004. 
> The Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS.org) is  a membership 
> organisation set up to promote the practice of acccessible web design, 
> and the interests of accessible web designers. 
> The website is at http://www.gawds.org.  New members can sign up at 
> http://www.gawds.org/admin/members/agreement.php 
> There is a lot of information about what the Guild is about, and what 
> it intends to do, on their website and on the Accessify Discussion 
> Forum at http://www.accessifyforum.com/forum15/ 
> Regards, 
> Pat 
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