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Re: link in new window debate

From: David Woolley <david@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 21:59:08 +0000 (GMT)
Message-Id: <200311192159.hAJLx8Q04142@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

> all the burden on the author, by telling her that she can't use code that
> opens the help page in a new window, then everyone unfairly gets the same
> result.

In a more ideal world, you would use something like:

<a rel="help" href="help.html">How to fill in this form</a>

and a user could tell their browser to automatically open such pages in the
help window, if they so wished.  That would also, in my view, be the
ideal way of doing navigation bars.

> author to tell the user that the link will open in a new window, and then
> we also tell the user agent in UAAG to also notify the user that the link
> will open in a new window, then what the end users ends up hearing is:
> "opens in a new window, opens in a new window" twice.  As a user I can turn

The problem here is that if you don't include the warning in the page, 
non-conforming browsers won't warn you, and if you don't have the warning
generated by the browser, the vast majority of web sites won't warn you.
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