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Re: "Special message to website creators"

From: <tina@greytower.net>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 05:20:42 +0100 (CET)
Message-Id: <200311160420.hAG4KgdK000860@asterix.andreasen.se>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org

On 15 Nov, Isabelle wrote:

> *grin* joking aside...

  Was it a joke ? It would seem we have a slight accessibility problem
  here; I have tried several times to understand Joe Clark's message to
  WAI-IG - and failed.

> I have seen a neat trick (script) that gives the visitor the option of
> opening up a new window or staying in the same one.  I think it was
> javascript, though that isn't cool for accessibility reasons (doesn't
> degrade gracefully).

  Such a solution is really uncessary. Most modern graphical UAs - which
  are the only ones we need bother with in this discussion - have the
  ability of either opening a link in a new window, or opening it in the
  present one.

  That means the choice - given by the Javascript you mention - is
  allready built into the UAs.

  Frankly, I see no need what so ever for an author to *force* the
  opening of a new window of anyone. If the user wants to "stay" on the
  site he'll open the link in a new window; if he doesn't he won't - and
  if he *can't*, he'll still be able to access the information in the
  fashion best suited to him.

> Any thoughts, on how to have a happy balance between the two?

  Yes. Avoid target; avoid Javascript. Let the user choose. Less code,
  less complications, more choice and everyone is happy.

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