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Fwd: In Their Shoes (background info)

From: Stephani Roberts Lincoln <stephani@MIT.EDU>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 16:16:10 -0500
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This message was forwarded to me from the EASI list. Does anyone know 
anything about this project and why it wasn't made accessible? In Their 
Shoes: http://www.aa.psu.edu/intheirshoes/  -- it's about "...embracing the 
spirit of the ADA by creating an inclusive learning environment..."

I tried to find a text-only version as was mentioned in the message below, 
but couldn't find one. I found a few press releases about it, but I'm 
mostly just curious about how something like this could be funded by a 
reputable institution like Penn State without any attention paid to making 
it accessible(!).

The writer suggests e-mailing someone at Penn State (presumably one of the 
creators), but before I do that I wanted to check to see if anyone has any 
background info about WHY it isn't accessible.


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Stephani Roberts Lincoln
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From: Terri Hedgpeth <terrih@ASU.EDU>
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Hello all,
I came across a website at this institution that is done with flash and 
they didn't bother making it accessible via keyboard nor did they give any 
audio cues. I emailed to complain and their terse reply stated that I can 
find a text version of this site at an alternate location, however there 
isn't any cue giving the link to this other location. And in their email 
reply they state that this is password protected and they didn't send the 
link. I don't know about you but I feel that separate is not equal 
particularly in this case. Consider they probably received some grant 
moneys to produce this site, the purpose of which is "sensitivity 
training." And the initial location you go to is not password protected 
though it is only an introduction, it isn't accessible. Please check it out 
and send your opinion to:
Dr. Joy Himmel jyh1@psu.edu


Terri Hedgpeth
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