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VII Annual Sidar Conference (Jornadas) - Lisbon, 3-5 November

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@sidar.org>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:56:56 -0700
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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Dear WAI Interest Group

We are pleased to announce the next annual Sidar conference - "More 
Accessibility, Better Accessibility", on the 3-5 of November. This 
takes place within the activities of the European Year of People with 
Disabilities and the Program ACESSO of the Presidency of the Portuguese 
Council of Ministers.

The government of Portugal responded to the electronic petition of 
around 9000 citizens by becoming the first European country to 
legislate for Web Accessibility. But accessibility of the Web for 
people with "special needs" (including people with disabilities and the 
elderly) is not just a state responsibility. It is a question that 
should be in the minds of all who produce electronic content, and the 
millions of users who find themselves having "special needs" for 
accessing the Web depend on it.

It is possible to give them the response they need, applying 
Accessibility requirements to Web design without sacrificing a visually 
attractive Web, as has been demonstrated by the specialists of the 
Fundacion Sidar in work it does and participates in.

This year the Fundacion has the honour of accepting the invitation of 
the program ACESSO to hold its seventh annual conference in Lisbon. The 
program is available at 
http://www.sidar.org/acti/jorna/7jorna/progra7.php in preliminary form, 
and in Spanish. As with other years it includes participation from 
internationally recognised experts, and provides the opportunity to 
learn more about the latest developments in tools, protocols, formats 
and design projects. The final session will be the review of the year's 
work in Sidar's interest groups, and planning for the next year's work, 
aiming to gather a critical mass of work on accessibility in the 
Iberoamerican languages.

The venue for the conference is completely wheelchair accessible. The 
official languages of the conference are Spanish and Portuguese, and 
simultaneous translation to Portuguese will be provided. Registration 
is available in spanish at 
http://www.sidar.org/acti/jorna/7jorna/index.php and is also available 
in Portuguese.

This conference will be an  opportunity to strengthen the already close 
links between Portuguese, South American and Spanish members of Sidar. 
We look forward to your company in Lisbon!
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