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Re: Old Age and Accessibility

From: Simeon Keates <lsk12@eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 11:45:18 +0100
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To: "Pete Rainger - TechDis" <p.f.rainger@sussex.ac.uk>
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Dear Pete,

I've just been involved in a study for the DTI on the accessibility of 
Digital Television. As part of that we conducted usability/accessibility 
assessments on a number of set-top boxes with 12 older adults.

Within that study we found that apart from obvious usability no-no's, such 
as lack of consistency, by far the biggest problem was that the interfaces 
had been constructed as a mish-mash of analogue television, computer and 
VCR paradigms. While the older adults were generally OK with the first and 
last of these, it was the new PC bits that confused them. For example, the 
new pop-up menus on teletext-type services, and the need to press OK/Select 
every time they wanted to activate something (on analogue TV there is no 
equivalent of this function - every time you press a button something 
happens, the TV doesn't just sit there doing nothing).

The full report is available at:


and the detailed usability/accessibility assessment is Appendix E, at:




>Dear all,
>I wondered if anyone had any links or research information about 
>accessibility and usability issues for older users.
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